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Sound and Space

Music and sound are inconceivable without space. Everyone knows that a concert can only develop its full beauty through the acoustics of a concert hall. Sound carriers with stereo technology only simulate the spatial impression as it was predominant at the given recording situation.

At this point, TACET is now going an important step further. Through the use of modern 5.1 Surround technology, it is possible to exactly reproduce the acoustic spaces or even create them anew, offering the listener so far untold perspectives on a musical work. TACET real surround sound stands for a completely new way to make classical music not only audible, but still more directly tangible.

By order of TACET, the director and media artist Marc Schleiss has created a music video during the past months that visually describes a recording in TACET real surround sound - a unique approach so far and a great challenge. The internationally renowned artists Peter Orth and the Auryn Quartet helped him to visually interpret two pieces by Robert Schumann. The sound was specially mixed anew for this video, both in stereo and in Surround.

Since a direct playback of Surround Sound on the Internet is impossible, you can freely download diverse video formats further up, so as to play these with a Surround system.

The sound of the video on this site is a stereo mix that only experimentally simulates the dynamic sound of the Surround version.

TACET wishes you much enjoyment!

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